Organic is not just a word or a group of definitions, norms, and procedures, but it is also a lifestyle and a way of living and especting the environment.

People that produces bio does not do it only for the economic return, because to comply all the provisions is very costly both economically and time consuming.

Those who produce bio do it because they believe in a different way of doing agriculture, not devoted to intensive exploitation and excessive use of chemistry to make the most profit with the least effort.

Instead, every day he is committed to bring back the contact with nature that has been lost in recent centuries. Earth has been exploited as if it were a human product, according to the dictates of consumerism.

The environment has its own rules and times, which in the long term, if forced, lead to huge disasters.

Se i metodi industriali odierni guardano allo sfruttamento e al raggiungimento immediato del profitto, la filosofia bio invece mira ad uno sviluppo sostenibile pensando a chi verrà dopo di noi. Mantenere l’ambiente intatto e produrre alimenti di qualità va a beneficio della nostra salute, permettendoci di vivere una vita sana e meno dipendente dai medicinali.

Unfortunately, during the recent years, the large distribution, industry and advertising, have led us to think that everything is perfect and equal to each other. Nature, on the other hand, tells us that every piece is unique, with its shape, its color, its smell and its taste that no one else has.

Apples are not all shiny, uniform red and rounds, but the genuine ones are opaque, with irregular shapes, with flaws in the skin, like humans have mole in their skin.

Very often, treatments that are used to make fruit and vegetables visually appealing are made of chemical compounds, that have not much to do with nature and genuineness. The marketing get used us to think that beautiful and big is good, but in reality is often true the opposite…

It is not easy to change this widespread mentality, but, with the advancement of organic culture, maybe one day this situation will be reversed.

Il consumatore si deve avvicinare di più al produttore ed alla natura, solo in questo modo può avere gli strumenti adatti per riconoscere cosa è buono e genuino da cosa è “costruito artificialmente in laboratorio”.